Because we believe that a personal commitment to Jesus Christ is to be lived out corporately in the context of a local church, the most important way to get involved at FBCHH is to become a member.  Several times a year we hold classes to introduce prospective members to FBCHH, its history and beliefs and its leaders.

First Baptist Church of Hacienda Heights is a self-governing church under the headship of Jesus Christ and the leadership of its pastors.  Since both Jesus and Paul appealed to the congregation as the final authority on matters of discipline, we structure ourselves congregationally (Matthew 18, 1 Cor 5). The congregation votes on its leadership, membership, and stands accountable to God for its public teaching and preaching.



Check the following two ministries, which we are happy to associate with:




The Gospel Coalition


First Baptist Church of Hacienda Heights is in friendly, and voluntary, cooperation with and contributes toward the causes of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We are thankful for the resurgence of biblical values in the SBC in the 1980s and are pleased to contribute to its causes, including the efforts of the International Missions Board (IMB) to take the gospel to all corners of the earth.




Services: Sundays, 10:30 am. 

1157 Galemont Ave, Hacienda Heights, 91745