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FBCHH Indoor Sunday Services to Resume June 27

Given the current health and safety guidelines in California, the elders have decided that it would be safe to gather indoors for Sunday services starting this week (June 27th).

Additional details:

  • Service start time remains at 10:00am. 
  • The livestream will continue to be offered at this time.
  • No child care provided until further notice.
  • The goal is to ease back into "returning to normal, with a hybrid arrangement (inside and outside) in the meantime.


Q: Will there be any social distancing measures?

  1. No, as the State of California has dropped all social distancing requirements on June 15th. 
  2. A loving question to ask when talking to others before or after service: “Are you okay with my current distance?” This question and awareness gives the opportunity for you to serve the other person rather than assuming the other person has the same social distancing comfort as you.


Q: Are masks required?

  1. Vaccinated individuals do not have to wear masks, but feel free to do so. 
  2. In seeking to love one another, the elders encourage and recommend unvaccinated individuals to continue to wear marks to protect themselves and others.


Q: Where should I sit?

  1. INSIDE: 
    1. If you feel comfortable, feel free to sit inside. 
    2. We are reserving the south wing, also known as the fellowship hall, or where we would eat for evening service for families with kids to give them more space.
  2. OUTSIDE: 
    1. If you feel more comfortable outside, we will be reserving parking spots and canopies near the basketball hoop.
    2.  Please continue to bring your own chairs and tents.
    3.  Church will continue to provide canopies and metal chairs are available as well.


Q: Is help still needed for set up next week?

For next week (June 27th), please arrive as early as 9:00am if you can to help set up the sanctuary, and canopies.


Q: Where should I park?

The parking lot is available; please park in the non-red square areas.