The gospel is never something you move away from, but push deeper into.

It saves you, and it transforms every aspect of the Christian's life. 


As a church, First Baptist seeks to proclaim the gospel, as well as live its live changed by the gospel. 


In our services, from the selection of songs, to the prayers, to the preaching of God's Word, we strive to make Christ the focus of our service.  Chrisitanity is not primariliy about morals, but about knowing and being known by God our Savior.









The cross of Christ breaks down walls of deep seated ill will, and instead builds a united church, a people diverse, yet ultimately unified in Christ. 


Hacienda Heights and its surrounding communities are quite diverse. Hacienda Heights boasts of the largest Buddhist monastery in the Western Hemisphere.  While there are a number of Chinese in the area, there are also many in the community with Hispanic background.  Hispanics make the up the vast majority of the community where the church building is located. 


Our church membership currently resembles the diversity of its community. Some of our members come from Costa Rica, Mexico, China, South Africa, Dubai, and Hungary. Though we are culturally different, we are united in the blood of Jesus Christ, as children of the living God.





Evangelism is not to result in new believers only, but new churches as well.  


Though we are a small band of believers now, we pray that God will bless us with the man-power and resources to help in the planting of other gospel-centered, multi-cultural, church-planting churches in the San Gabriel Valley, and beyond.












Services: Sundays, 10:30 am. 

1157 Galemont Ave, Hacienda Heights, 91745